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Current Articles

Tracing and Fraudulent Conveyances
David Debenham
Co-Chair of the McMillan Fraud Law Group

Keeping the Fraud in the Family
David Debenham
McMillan LLP

Giving a Rogue Notice of a Criminal Complaint is Not Extortion
Norman Groot

“Et Peritiae Cave” – And Let the Experts Beware!
David Debenham
(President, ACFI)

What Fraud Victims Should Know About Using Evidence Obtained by Hacking
Norman Groot

SNC Lavalin Prosecution Founders on Lack of Admissible Evidence—No Tipping Allowed
David Debenham
(Co-Chair, Fraud Law Group, McMillan LLP)

Creditor Proofing No Refuge for Fraudsters
David Debenham

What Fraud Victims Should Know About Criminal Forfeiture Orders
Norman Groot, LLB, CFE, CFI

Capital Punishment and Punishment in Capitals: the Problem of White Collar Crime in Canada
David Debenham

“Embedded”: A New Approach to Corporate Fraud
David Debenham

What Fraud Victims Should Know About Recovery Through Securities Regulators – Problems with Relying on OSC Disgorgement Orders
Norman Groot

What Fraud Victims Should Know About the Criminal Sentencing of Fraudsters and Fraud Recovery
Norman Groot

Autopsy of an Investigator
Wayne Watson

Coordinating Criminal and Civil Justice as a Means of Recovery for Fraud Victims
Norman Groot and Renna Weinberg

Restorative Justice and Privatized Policing for Fraud Victims
Norman Groot, LLB, CFE, CFI
June 5, 2015

Investing in fraud prevention can pay
Nelson Bennett
April 7, 2015, Law & Politics

Why Fraud Victims Should Make An Election Before Pleading Negligence
Norman Groot, LLB, CFE, CFI

Prison Sentence in Air India Bribery Scheme Sends Deterrent Message to Canadian Executives
Milos Barutciski, Matthew Kronby and Steven T. Robertson
Bennett Jones LLP

Corporate Security on the Brink
Brian A. Grosman
Levitt & Grosman LLP