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Being a Certified Forensic Investigator

Certified Forensic Investigators (CFIs) are professional fraud investigators who have a combination of experience and education. These elements, coupled with the CFI examination and a good business sense ensure that when a candidate earns their CFI designation they will have acquired the competencies that the market demands.  Certified Forensic Investigators are valued for their integrity and expertise.

CFI members come from a wide variety of public and private sectors. While some may own and operate their own businesses providing services to the public, others may be employed by organizations.  CFIs may be:

  • accountants
  • forensic investigators
  • fraud examiners
  • human resource specialists
  • forensic and investigative accountants
  • law enforcement officers
  • lawyers
  • private investigators
  • risk managers
  • regulators
  • internal auditors
  • loss prevention professionals

CFIs may also provide fraud related training to educational facilities, government and businesses.

The services provided by a CFI relate to the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud. This may involve but is not limited to:

  • providing a thorough and complete investigation to sustain or refute allegations of impropriety and subsequently providing testimony related.
  • the audit of business systems to determine the adequacy of controls to detect, prevent and investigate fraud.


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