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ACFI Mock Trial – The Evidence

Another in the ACFI series of educational and training tools to aid forensic investigators

the forensic evidence trial

A demonstration on evidentiary issues and principles in a commercial trial setting including fundamental principles of admissibility, hearsay exceptions, probative value, and the true meaning of the protections afforded by the federal and provincial Evidence Acts and the Charter.

This programme was designed to demonstrate the application of the basic principles of the law of evidence in Canada in the context of a civil fraud trial directed in the course of a bankruptcy administration.

During this civil trial you will witness the examination in chief and the cross examination of the plaintiff in making his case, as well as the examination in chief and the cross examination of the defendant in putting in its defence to the case.

The participants, seasoned practitioners in their respective fields, allow time at the end of this lively and sometimes convivial trial for a panel discussion which elaborates further on Canada's law of evidence.

Run time approx 2:00